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caleb-skiingI am obliged you have taken the time to read about myself and the company I have built.  I’ve always been an entrepreneur, mostly in field service.  At age 11 I was buying and selling gaming cards in front of grocery stores, and at 15 when my friends sought employment, I started a yard-work business with my best friend, Brent Sweet.  I have always been passionate about life, and when I was 18, I graduated high-school early and dragged an un-insulated trailer to Utah and skied powder everyday!

I am an outdoorsman, avid skier, photographer, and I love traveling.  I have a college degree, am published as an undergrad in cultural anthropology, and maintain several certificates.  I’ve always loved learning.caleb-snow-mobile

In January of 2008, I started Vacation Rental Assistance by offering one service: an inspection service for the VRBO owner community.  Back then I had 2 clients, worked in the back room of my house dozens of hours.  Today, Vacation Rental Assistance has 4 well-designed service departments, employs 15+ people with outstanding management personnel, and is growing at a tremendous rate.  For 3 of the first 6 years VRA has been in business, our doors were closed to new business for one simple reason:  quality supersedes everything else.  We didn’t want to outgrow ourselves and sacrifice any of the quality we were known for.  Now, we’ve created great stability and are growing fast with our eyes set on developing a trusted national brand in the heart of the vacation rental industry.

caleb-hikingI have a goal to build an amazing business for the Lake Tahoe area and beyond, providing service to people across the region, country, and world alike.  With this goal set, I will stop at nothing to make the most successful, honorable, respectful, and customer-satisfying business I can.

If you have any questions regarding this company, I would be more than happy to speak with you and assist in any way I can!  For consulting, please email me at  My experience is in field service logistics,  employee management principles, and building a residual company.  Much of my experience can be applied to all field service companies for improving inter-department communications, employee performance strategy, and field efficiencies.

Thank you again for your time and to all those who support this entrepreneurial vision.



Caleb Fry

“Imagination is everything – impossible is nothing” – Einstein / Ali