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Customer Service and Satisfaction


My name is Caleb Fry, I am the owner of this company, and I’d like to personally to talk about our service commitment.  Customer service and satisfaction means everything to me.  I first started serving people of the community with a lawn mowing service when I was 15 with my best friend, Brent Sweet.  Our little neighborhood business became successful quickly and was soon serving the entire town with a growing reputation for fair, affordable, yard work services.  The hardest part of that business was going to the front door and asking for a check when we were done.  For most business owners, this is the best part – but not for me.  I was afraid they wouldn’t like our work, afraid it wasn’t perfect – so every-time I finished I had them walk outside with me around the property to ensure their satisfaction.  If and only if they were happy, I would accept the check with tremendous gratitude.  This experience really changed my life forever because it taught me that I can create my own income, and by doing the right thing and doing quality work, my success would increase exponentially.

These principles are cemented in the foundation of Vacation Rental Assistance.  It’s not only who I am, but it’s who our managers are.  We care.  We want you happy.  We want to deliver fair service.  We want to take care of you not only because we care, but without you, we’d be working for some other jerk!

We guarantee anything we ever do.  If you or your guests expectations are ever unmet, we will visit your property free of charge ASAP to make it right.  If we make an error, we’ll be the first to admit it and do two things: 1) make it right with you; and 2) make sure it never happens again.

Our main goal, with most sincerity, is customer satisfaction, and we will do everything we can to guarantee delivery of it. To learn more about how we can serve you as a client and make sure you are satisfied with our services, please contact us at your convenience – we are here for you!

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