Vacation Rental Assistance (VRA) was founded in 2008 and our primary focus is scaleable ground care logistics for the vacation rental industry.  We’ve developed best practices for the chaotic and demanding physical services required to run a vacation rental operation.  Our business model is designed to appeal to the VRBO industry as well as professional reservation brands and full service managers.   Many companies are focused on building regional and national companies with large inventory for guests, but few companies are focused on the best practice logistics for scalable local ground operations; a requirement to maintain consistent, quality, trusted standards.  That’s where we come in, and ever since entering the market in  2008 the demand for what we do is immense – to both individual homeowners, and full service companies.

Acting as a lifeline to the VRBO and Airbnb homeowners and an outsourced professional contractor for full service managers, the demand for VRA’s model is staggering.  The growth and market share potential in this billion dollar industry is enormous, and believe our model is a critical component to it’s future.

Venture capital

Vacation Rental Assistance is always open to taking on venture capitol to help our growth and development goals.

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