Guests’ Terms of Service

Vacation Rental Assistance, LLC

Guest Terms of Service

General Information:

Vacation Rental Assistance is a limited liability company that currently resides online at  This agreement herein is a legal agreement between you and Vacation Rental Assistance, LLC “(VRA)” which states the terms and conditions set below which both parties must abide by in order to receive services rendered by VRA.  We at VRA reserve the right to modify, amend, alter or update these Terms of Service, and by using our web site and services you agree to abide by these amendments, alterations, and updates.  Thus, you as a client and customer should frequently visit this page to be updated on current Terms of Service


You will be charged $45/hr (minimum $25) and some cases 10% of any product and/or charge incurred to VRA.  For all reservations, regardless of price, we charge $15.  These reservations will be made with the credit card of the party for which the reservation is made.  More information and terms of these services is provided below.


All reservations for any activity, event, or dining will be made with your credit card information that you provide VRA.  Vacation Rental Assistance charges $15 for any reservations.  If you are specific in your requests and extra time is needed in making your arrangements you may be charged a small additional fee.  You will be notified before reservation is made that this additional fee may be applicable to your specific request.

Product Delivery:

For any product that has a set price such as tickets will be paid for by VRA once payment from you has been received.  Your invoice will display the price of the product plus any rate charged by VRA with a total amount.  Once this amount has been received, VRA will purchase the requested item/s.  Products such as tickets that are limited may be able to be reserved, and in this case, it will fall under ‘reservation services.’


Grocery shopping can be provided to you by VRA under basic Terms of Services of this agreement.  Please give VRA at least 24hrs. notice to fill your order.  You will not receive an estimate for the cost of your groceries, as we cannot predict the dynamic cost of groceries.  If we estimate the cost to be quite high for the groceries, we may require a valid and authorized credit card number to be held until we receive the payment of your choice.  You will pay retail value, with no mark-up price from VRA (apart from the 10% standard charge as stated above as well as our hourly rate).  For groceries to be delivered to your vacation property, we must either be the manger of that property, be granted access from booking/listing agent or homeowner, or given the combination to lock-box.

Acknowledgement of Purchase:

By submitting a completed grocery form or providing your own list to VRA, you agree to purchase, pursuant to these Terms of Services and the order form, the groceries and other items (product) you select and send for purchase to or any e-mail declared by VRA. Upon receiving a grocery request form, VRA will confirm your request via e-mail and usually verbally to ensure accuracy and authenticity of your order.


You will be issued a price quote for the services you request.  This will be sent verbally first, and upon verbal agreement, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.  In this e-mail, your specific invoice will be included that had been verbally agreed upon; in addition you will receive an attached file of Terms of Service.  By submitting credit card information to VRA, you agree to pay for any requested services pursuant to the invoice sent to you, as well as agree to these Terms of Service.


Vacation Rental Assistance accepts your ordered request, and shall therefore, in return for authorized payment, deliver the product and/or service you have requested.  Products such as groceries will be delivered to you at the specified home address or hotel room you designate.  If your specified delivery is located outside of the South Shore area of the Lake Tahoe Basin additional delivery charges may apply.  These additional charges will be included in the invoice that is sent to you, and in the case of groceries and no prior invoice; you will be notified of this possible charge.  VRA will charge your payment for the Product and or Services you request to the credit or debit card you submit to VRA.  By submitting credit card information, you agree to pay for the amount listed within the invoice and/or receipt, and furthermore authorize VRA to obtain these specific funds from your accounts.  If VRA cannot collect or complete payment for any reason including unauthorized card, the transaction will be cancelled and no product/nor services will be rendered to you. Before cancellation of any order or request, a VRA representative will contact you informing you of the issue and offer another chance for you to submit ‘authorized’ payment.  Although VRA will make this effort to contact you, any unauthorized payment or uncollected payments grant VRA the ability to cancel any request or transaction with or without your consent.  Please view cancellation policy below.


In order for delivery of a tangible product such as groceries to be rendered to you, a specific and correct address must be given to VRA.  VRA does not currently deliver any alcohol to any person/s regardless of age.

Privacy Agreement:

Vacation Rental Assistance, LLC does not sell, lease, or disclose any personal information to any other company, business, organization, persons or any other entities.  Upon authorized completion of order, VRA will destroy any and all credit card information submitted to us by you as a receiver of guest services unless you request it to be confidentially for future services

Cancellation Policies, etc:

Grocery Orders and Product Request:
Any cancellation for such request must be submitted to VRA no later than 48hrs. prior to scheduled delivery, unless other arrangements are specifically agreed upon which will be listed in final confirmation e-mail.


Any requested reservation for any dining, recreation or other activity must be cancelled in pursuant to the terms of cancellation for the company which VRA makes your reservation. Any cancellation of reservation is strictly between you and the company that VRA makes a reservation for you.  As part of our service to you, we will provide you with all cancellation and reservation info upon sending you an invoice for reservation.  VRA provides no refunds for making reservations.

Refunds and Returns:

Any expensive product may be able to be returned pursuant to the store or organization from which it was purchased.  In order for a product to be returned that was paid for by VRA, will likely require a VRA employee to return your specified item.  If this happens, you will be charged the regular charge of $40 an hour (minimum of $25) for the VRA employee’s time.  Thus it is highly recommended that you order that which you know you would like to have.  Because your order is made through digital technology (via website or e-mail) you agree that availability is an “As Is” and “As Available” basis.  We are in no way liable to you if we are unable to provide to you a specific item you requested.  When grocery ordering with us, you give VRA permission to substitute an unavailable or unclear item for a most similar item.  If you are not satisfied with the substituted item, you may contact VRA for a refund of the substituted item only, limited to 3-substituted items.  If you are unclear in your request, VRA is not liable for your misrepresentation, or our misinterpretation

Methods and Terms of Payment:

VRA accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards.  When submitting any payment, you thereby agree to all Terms of Service listed herein, and furthermore authorize the withdrawal of specified funds from your account.  In addition, you agree that you have authority over form of payment, and are legally the rightful owner and user of payment method.  By submitting an order form either provided by VRA, one of your own, or submitting any type of payment you agree to these Terms of Services.  You must therefore pay for any and all services requested.  Because grocery services and some product delivery services are the only (prior-to-arrival) guest concierge service VRA provides that require VRA to cover costs up-front, you must agree specifically to pay for these products and service charges.  If we have taken a credit card as insurance for grocery services and we do not receive payment from you, we have the right to collect funds form your account with this card.  Furthermore, if payment is not submitted, you are liable for reconciling all debts to VRA.  If debts are not reconciled within 30 days of the date on which service was provided, you agree to binding arbitration within El Dorado County in the State of California to resolve the issue.  Furthermore, VRA will never render services for you again, and your renting agent may be contacted and persuaded to withhold your security deposit until due-payment to VRA is received.

Liability/Hold Harmless:

Vacation Rental Assistance LLC and its employees hold no liability for any misrepresentation of any product delivered to you.  We furthermore are not liable for any illness that you may proclaim is attributable to any food we may deliver.  We are absolutely not responsible for any illness.

Furthermore, VRA and its affiliates will in no event be liable for any damages or losses, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages for loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties resulting from or caused by your use of our web site, its content, or any services rendered by VRA. VRA is not liable to you for any interception of online communications, software or hardware problems (including, but not limited to, viruses, loss of data, or compatibility conflicts) unauthorized use of your credit card, or other consequence beyond the reasonable control of Vacation Rental Assistance, LLC. Any liability of VRA (including its employees, affiliates, or agents) to you for damages, injuries, losses and causes of action, of any kind or nature, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, either jointly or severally, shall be strictly limited to the aggregate dollar amount paid by you to Vacation Rental Assistance in your most recent use of VRA’s guest service department immediately prior to the claimed injury, loss or damage.