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Lake Tahoe A-La-Carte Property Management Homeowner Services

f85ea08d-ddb5-402f-a86e-1e289ceb6c64.1Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance is widely considered a pioneer and designer of a-la-carte vacation rental property management for the Rent-By-Owner (RBO) vacation rental industry.  Since 2008, we’ve constantly been developing and improving our business model with the primary focus of servicing vacation homeowners.  By partnering with us as your local vacation rental service provider, you can save 15% to 35% in comparison to traditional management costs, enabling cost effective investing into the North and South Lake Tahoe vacation rental industry.

From South and North Lake Tahoe cleaning and hot tub services to property inspections, local contact and 24/7 on-call services, Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance is designed to accommodate each individual homeowner based on their specific needs and renting situation.  Regardless of the service(s) you employ, our ultimate goal is to give you peace of mind your home is being serviced professionally, and you have a resource to address the challenging demands of the Lake Tahoe vacation rental industry.  For the few services your home may need that we don’t offer, we’re readily available to provide referrals to one of our many trusted Lake Tahoe service providers.

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We have 2 core services in our Lake Tahoe a-la-carte property management program available to individual homeowners and property managers alike:  VRA Care and hot tub services.

VRA Care

VRA Care is the culmination of all below services, streamlined and unified into a complete service program for Lake Tahoe’s vacation rentals.  Overseeing all core turnover and property operation logistics, this is a one stop shop for booking-to-booking services in a simple fee structure, and with discounts packaged in.  This is perfect companion to a homeowner’s renting effort and is the foundation for our VRA Care Plus model.

Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

Reliability, consistency, and quality are critical characteristics of a professional Lake Tahoe vacation rental cleaning company yet there are far and few between.  Meet the most thorough, comprehensive cleaning department in all of Tahoe.  Forget linens, towels, stocking supplies and stress – and leave everything to Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance’s cleaning service.  This service must be employed in VRA Care if the property is rented commercially.

Property Inspection Services

Designed to give the vacation rental absentee homeowners eyes and ears on their property with each booking without ever having to visit the vacation rental property.  Preparatory inspections turning heat and lights on, key and access management, personal and basic inventory, maintenance, and guest damage are among the many things our inspection service covers.  This is cornerstone part of VRA Care and we can also perform routine property visits during slow / inactive periods to help ensure property is safe and secure.

24/7 On-Call and Field Response Services

One of the most valuable and dependable services Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance offers.  Enjoy 24/7 on-call and field response services to wipe away many of the stresses and headaches that come with owning and renting a vacation rental property in South Lake Tahoe and North Lake Tahoe.  From guest response and house troubleshooting services, to meeting contractors, and running errands in town – this service covers all your local resource needs and is delivered via VRA Care.

Hot Tub Services

A simplified, all-inclusive hot tub service leaving your spa and surrounding deck crystal clear and safe for guest use, always.  Filter replacement, cover treatments and more are included in this in our cost.

Local Contact Service

All vacation rental permit holders in Lake Tahoe are required to list a Local Contact, a person or company that can respond to the home promptly in the case the city or county needs local assistance.  VRA will be your Local Contact at no additional, charge if employing VRA Care.  This service is not available on its own.

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