For Property Managers

Lake Tahoe Management Services For Property Managers and Agents

Have your company’s reservations managed cost effectively and hassle free!


Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance is 100% designed to cater to the full service management company needs, in addition to the individual homeowners.  After 5 years of trial and error, we’ve perfected ground care logistics and can greatly simplify full service management company operations.  Today, we represent a handful of professional brands in their ground care operations – both small local companies, and large national brands alike.

Whether you are a small, up and coming management company that has decided to avoid the hassles of housekeeping and cleaning, property inspections, hot tub services, and 24/7 on-call and field response or a veteran company with national presence, we are the company for all your Lake Tahoe service needs.  Enjoy the convenience of focusing only on what you do best: reserving homes and generating revenue, and leave everything else to us.

Our service contracts for property managers are flexible, and completely customizable to your needs.

The Cost:

All 4 of our services are available a-la-carte for managers, and pricing depends on a number of factors, including quantity of inventory.  Property management companies are given discounts on most services.

Contact us today to discover why local companies and huge national brands alike are choosing Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance for their ground care needs.