Maintenance Services

Lake Tahoe Vacation Home Maintenance Services

Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance began offering cleaning and hot tub maintenance services for one reason; we were not satisfied with the standards and level of care in the industry.

Today, our cleaning and spa programs are some of the fastest growing in Lake Tahoe because the level of quality and care that goes into them, and the reviews these services generate.

219609be-3a9e-4c9d-9c13-52006aed9db1.1 Lake Tahoe Cleaning and Housekeeping Services:

We offer affordable Lake Tahoe cleaning services for homeowners without sacrificing the highest level of service in the area.  We have the greatest attention to detail and provide deluxe packages with each clean!

lake-tahoe-hot-tub-3 Lake Tahoe Hot Tub Maintenance Services:

Having clean, fresh, and properly balanced water in your hot tub is important for several reasons.  Our experienced staff makes sure your spa is properly looked after.

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