Snow Removal

Lake Tahoe Snow Removal Service

Reliable snow removal is a necessity for operating any South or North Lake Tahoe vacation rental in the winter months.  Currently, bulk snow removal and driveway clearing is not a service we offer, but we can happily set you up with many of our providers for a quality Lake Tahoe snow removal service.  We have good relations with many Lake Tahoe snow removal companies; many of which will give you a discount for being a client of Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance.

Pricing options

There are two common ways of paying for snow removal in Lake Tahoe:

1)  Secure an annual contract (ideally in early fall) for anywhere between $350 and $1000 for the season.  In this contract, the snow removal company will visit the property every-time it snows between 6 and 8 inches.  There are seldom additional charges, as this is a flat rate, seasonal contract.

2)  Pay a flat rate or hourly rate fee each time the service is provided.  This can be advantageous for those vacation homeowners with very little traffic, or for those initiating a contract late in the season.  These per visit fees are usually between $25 and $50.

Please note property location, driveway characteristics and size, and additional options affect the bid for service.

Other Considerations

In our Property Inspection Program, we will always clear primary exterior traffic ways of snow (in the winter) and pine needles / debris (in the summer) during our pre-inspection.  Depending on how much snow has to be cleared, there may be extra fees for this which the in-place snow removal company will help alleviate if they handle clearing the walkway (see below).  Additionally, if we arrive during a pre-inspection to find the driveway full of snow, we will put a courtesy call into your Lake Tahoe snow removal service provider to request an immediate visit prior to guest arrival.

Many Lake Tahoe snow removal companies offer an option to clear exterior walkways in addition to the basic, standard driveway plowing for an additional fee.  This is typically an extra $10 or $15 per visit, or an extra $100 to $250 on the seasonal contract.

We recommend securing service with a company that offers this and to employ the walkway option.  It helps tremendously and is worth the value.

For a list of our current recommended snow removal providers, or to consult with us about snow removal – please contact us today!