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VRA Care

VRA Care

VRA Care is the premier solution for Lake Tahoe’s Rent-By-Owner clients, specializing in property care and turnover operations for active Lake Tahoe vacation rentals.  It is a multi department service program delivering tunkey solutions for the Rent-By-Owner, designed to optimize owner and guest experience.  With high horsepower, this program operates 24/7/365 around the Lake Tahoe basin and Truckee, combatting the challenging elements of Tahoe hospitality like back back to backs, snow storms, trash logistics, and more.  VRA Care is the culmination of our historic a la carte services listed below, combined into a unified program with optimized efficiency and discounts to clients.


Similar to hotel hospitality theory, VRA Care operates with housemen and cleaners in tandem to oversee the complexities of property care, ensuring all details are managed, and each guest arrives to a clean, functional property.  Many ask too much of cleaners, spreading thin the wheel house of the industry and sacrificing important details in hospitality theory.  We do not commit the same mistake, as we put valiant effort to simplify cleaning protocol, and surround our housekeepers with support teams to oversee the countless other details to tun a 5 star rental.

This unique, innovative program is the result of over 30 years combined experience in vacation home rental (VHR) hospitality, and is a turnkey solution for Airbnb and VRBO style owners.

The cost

VRA Care is priced flat rate per booking, with various monthly fee options for 24/7 on call and front office support.  To learn more about all that is inlcudes, please click the above links and view the details on each core component of this service program!

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