Vacation Rental Assistance Client Testimonials and References


Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Assistance is the best reviewed vacation rental service provider in Lake Tahoe, and that’s because we genuinely care about our clients and the quality of work we provide.  Below are a few words shared by our wonderful community of homeowners.  If you’d like to speak with any of our clients directly for a reference, just let us know!  You may also review current reviews for our company online by clicking here.

“Caleb is amazing. He’s resourceful, responsive, and reliable to us owners and renters the same. His service is impeccable, his fee is reasonable. I highly recommended Caleb and VRA to take care of all local ground support for your vacation rentals.”

Andy N.

“My husband and I and another family, including 2 kids, rented a  house, a beautiful house, in South Lake Tahoe for Thanksgiving, managed by Vacation Rental Assistance.

As I stated, the house was great. But, there were a few things that we couldn’t find and expected to find. Games, extra toilet paper, aluminum foil. We didn’t know what was expected of us for a three-day rental. Were we supposed to buy Zip-locks bags? So, I called the number I was given  to complain. And there was Caleb.

He was on it like white on rice. When I told him we deliberately did not bring games because rental houses usually have a lot and this one didn’t, he asked which games we would like.

Within the next few hours, we had everything we requested delivered to the house. (There’s nothing like a good game of “Life” with a 7-year-old. ) Apparently,tThere was extra toilet paper in the house that we couldn’t find at first, but Caleb had more delivered anyway.

It was a pleasure dealing with VRA. Caleb was so sweet, so amenable, and so professional, that if I had a rental house, I would use Vacation Rental Assistance to manage it.”

Roberta A.

“Caleb, Rick and the whole team at VRA is incredibly responsive, dependable and easy to work with. They took care of literally everything that could possibly go wrong with my vacation rental and eliminated all the hassles owners commonly face. Full service at its finest with these guys.”

Adam F.

“We Used VRA to maintain our 3 bedroom 3 bath rental in South Lake and they did an amazing job.  After a nightmare experience using SOS cleaning (No not use SOS Cleaning)  we were hesitant to even continue renting our home because of such a nightmare cleaning service experience.
VRA went beyond our expectations!  Their level of service is beyond perfection.  The a-la cart service options is a great depending on your needs.  VRA prepares your house as if it were a high end resort.  The communication is impeccable and the price is right for the quality of service.

We can’t wait to use them again when our new property closes escrow!!


“Prior to finding Vacation Rental Assistance, I employed a full-service rental agency that managed bookings and cleaning and I was not happy at all. I’m happy now! VRA is an excellent service for anyone who wants to manage their own vacation rental in Tahoe remotely through VRBO or Airbnb. I’ve been a client for several years and engage them for their local contact, housekeeping and deep cleaning services, but they also offer a la carte hot tub, home maintenance and other services. Caleb, Rick and Rachel have made renting out my humble little two-bedroom place easy and headache free.

The per-stay housekeeping fee isn’t exactly cheap, (You could probably find an individual cleaning person who would do it for less) but I find the overall VRA service a great value, as I know my place will always be at a consistent level of readiness for each group of guests, and that fee is passed through to guests. Plus, during busy times like holidays when I have back-to-back rentals I know that they have the capacity to turn my place around in an afternoon. I also now pay a flat monthly fee for the provision of clean, white linens and towels in the bathrooms and on the beds, which is also a deal and SOOO much better than the unmatching, ill-fitting sheets and ratty towels that I had in there before.

They’re always prompt with responses to questions by email and phone, proactive with reminders about winterizing and snow removal, and open to my detailed feedback about the specifics of exactly how I prefer to have my house cleaned. Yay!”

Joe M.

“Britta and I were blown away by the job that you and your team did.  The house looked as good as when we bought it.  Thanks very much for your work.  We left it in a bit of a mess yesterday so you have your job cut out for you…Thanks again; we are really pleased to be working with you.”

Best regards,


“I was not having any luck renting my great house for the 2009 summer season with a new property management company.  I fired a previous company after four years of service and hired another 30 days before Memorial Weekend.  Since there was no rental activity at all with the new company, I called them to complain.

The new manager said I should help them out by listing my house on VRBO.  The Sunday before the 4th of July, I decided it was time to take this vacation rental over and set the VRBO listing up.  I also pulled out a letter I had received from Vacation Rentals of Lake Tahoe (which I kept just in case the new manager didn’t work out) and spoke with Michael Joseph who assured me, that he and his team would help me with my new venture.  I terminated my relationship with the new manager and took the bookings over myself.

The next day I had 4 requests for my home and I immediately put my new team together which included Caleb Fry with Vacation Rental Assistance.  I have never been happier.  My home stayed rented all summer and into the fall, (which has never happened before) and Caleb Fry has been instrumental in making the entire process seamless!  I highly recommend him and would be lost without him.”


Kathy J. VRBO #251884

“Caleb has been the answer to our sleepless nights and worried days trying to manage our home remotely. The services he provides are exactly what we needed and he is very flexible in the range of services he provides. Caleb has shown himself to be quite capable of providing exceptional care and response to our vacationers. As the primary point of contact for our home he is always prompt to address any issues and needs as they arise in a courteous and thoughtful manner that keeps things running smoothly.  Thanks Caleb!”

Jeff B.

“Working with Vacation Rental Assistance has been a big advantage in managing our second home.  There are so many companies in Lake Tahoe doing property management and I’ve been grateful to find one that helps my wife and I look after our home and be our go to person in resolving problems.  It’s priceless being able to go to sleep knowing we have someone that professionally looks after our home at an affordable rate.  Highly recommended! “

-Jacob W.

“My husband and I switched to Vacation Rental Assistance to handle our Lake Tahoe property in the fall of 2008 and all I can say is thank you thank you thank you Caleb!!  Your company has been so wonderful in accommodating our needs and offering all the services we need.  We feel blessed being able to go on vacation and know you are there to address any problems our guests have and resolve any problems quickly and cost effectively.  Thanks so much!”

-Sarah B.

“Caleb, you have done remarkably well in managing both our home, cleaning, and hot tub.  What I really love most about your company is that it is like a one stop shop for all of my needs, and I don’t have to pay a fortune for it.  I have no doubt your company will continue to expand and you will be come the industry standard in Lake Tahoe property management.”

-Roger N.

“We (my husband and I) had being using a few companies prior to switching to Vacation Rental Assistance this past year.  Although I will not mention their names here, it seemed like if it wasn’t one problem with them, it was another.  One company handled everything quite nicely, but took half our annual income!  Others would double book properties, would miss cleanings, would leave guests upset, or would charge me for every single thing they did!  All I can say is I am so happy and grateful to have received a recommendation from my friend about your company Caleb.  It is clear that your focus is customer satisfaction, not taking our money :)   I could list many things that we love about your service but to mention a few: being able to call you and speak directly to the owner every time, to be able to ask for a favor and have you being responsive and flexible, to know you have integrity and truly care about us as clients.  These are things worth a million bucks.  So I guess I will stop now, but thanks a bunch for everything!  We will continue to spread the word”

-Theresa D.