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VRA+ by VRA Lake Tahoe

A top-performing listing, revenue, and guest services program built on a field service foundation. This foundation, established in 2008, has been providing in-house and white glove vacation rental hospitality throughout Lake Tahoe 24/7 and 365 days a year ever since. 

A local Tahoe Team, here for you!

At Vacation Rental Assistance, our foundation is built on in-house, local and legal operations, and a team that calls Tahoe home. We know the ins and outs of property management, ensuring your home is clean and functioning for every guest. We prioritize guest experiences, promptly addressing any issues to make things right. The same dedication extends to our valued homeowners – we strive for excellence and never settle for less. Our commitment is unwavering, aiming to be the best for you, our team, guests, and the Lake Tahoe community.

The Vale of VRA+

We earn you more

Our competitive edge lies in our adept use of professional software, supply/demand and economic insights, and extensive experience in the Tahoe market. These tools enable us to outperform our competitors, continually optimizing our pricing strategy based on a thorough analysis of the local and global rental market. Our team remains vigilant in reviewing prices, concentrating on both short and long-term booking windows to maximize returns for our clients.

Great experience starts with a great listing

We take care of everything from building your listing to coordinating professional photography, all at no extra cost. Your listings receive widespread exposure as they are distributed across various platforms, including our direct booking site, Airbnb, VRBO, and Expedia’s network, encompassing Orbitz, Kayak, CheapTickets, Travelocity, Trivago, and more. Additionally, we understand the importance of optimizing your homes for better experiences, increased demand, and higher earning potential. Our goal is to receive the ultimate compliment of hosting groups multiple times, which is why we prioritize appealing and well-managed listings as they are crucial for creating positive guest interactions and fostering strong relationships while delivering exceptional experiences.

The great listing and booking experience must be followed by a great experience at your home

Our in-house hospitality foundation is a significant source of value, as we understand that guests seek memorable experiences without worrying about the essentials. Cleanliness is paramount, and with direct control of service quality, we ensure homes are well-maintained and fully stocked with textiles and guest supplies. A well-equipped home is essential. We take pride in optimizing homes for guests, ensuring they have access to the essentials and more, along with a comprehensive cleaning and home upkeep regimen, professionally laundered textiles, and dedicated support to create delightful experiences both inside the homes and throughout the beautiful Tahoe surroundings.

Fair pricing model + top revenue = you earn more

Starting with free quotes and initial home evaluations and optimization consulting we believe pricing should be simple and fair. Our lower than average commission includes listing, guest and revenue management, field support, a professional admin team, 24/7 support, professionally laundered textiles, guest starter supplies, owner portals, our local expertise, hot tub treatments, and more. Guests pay service fees. Hourly cleaning such as initial setup and periodic deep cleans are billed at an hourly rate. We stock additional inventory and home items not provided and these are invoiced, at our cost.

Meet the owner, Caleb

Caleb, founder of Vacation Rental Assistance (VRA), started his journey with vacation rentals while attending Lake Tahoe Community College in 2008. His neighborly act of helping with a rental exposed a need for a local partner in the rent-by-owner market. Caleb became a reliable local contact, expanding his service offering to hot tub management and a comprehensive vacation rental cleaning and inspection program. VRA grew to manage over 200 homes in the Lake Tahoe area, evolving into a full service property management company, VRA Plus.

Caleb’s natural inclination to lead has always fueled his relentless pursuit of excellence. His entrepreneurial spirit flamed at the age of 15 when he founded his first business. As rumor has it, Caleb’s commitment to client satisfaction was so strong he considered payment collection his least favorite part, as he sought to ensure his clients received the full value they deserved. This client-centric approach, marked by attention to detail and an unwavering drive to be the best, accompanied him to Lake Tahoe, shaping the very essence of VRA.

Beyond work, Caleb embraces outdoor activities and contributes to community organizations. He established a local non-profit, promoting sports and social opportunities in Tahoe. Caleb’s unwavering commitment and passion has transformed VRA into a respected enterprise, leaving a lasting impact on Lake Tahoe’s vacation rental industry.

We love partnering with home owners, especially when we’re able to fill a need missing from relationships with previous rental companies or the rent-by-owner approach

In the crowded landscape of Lake Tahoe vacation rental management companies, we stand out with our unwavering commitment to field operations, people, and excellence. As competition increases, our dedication, experience, and grit allows us to assist vacation rental homeowners like no other. We take pride in fostering strong relationships with our clients, cherishing those moments and long term relationships where we bring unparalleled value.

Moving forward with us:

Connect with us

Share the details of your property and your contact information by filling out the form below. Our team will review your submission and get in touch.

Call or in-person meeting

We will answer any questions and provide some initial home optimization suggestions.


At this point, we get to an agreement. Although we plan for long term relationships, there is nothing term binding here.

Setting up and getting going

From here we get moving. Permit assistance as needed. Listings developed and photos coordinated. Further home optimization. Initial inventory stocking. Field and internal document setups and reports.

We start hosting!

Frequently asked questions about Lake Tahoe property management

What customers say about us

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We contacted VRA when the city of South Lake Tahoe started their “three strikes you’re out” process. While we heavily screened our renters, we felt we needed additional support from a local company who could be our eyes and ears. It has been the best decision. The team at VRA is friendly, responsive and flexible, allowing us to remain customer service oriented, as well as maintain our relationship with neighbors and the city officials. I appreciate all of their ongoing communication, proactive tips, quality staff and 5-star service. Thank you VRA!

– Lori Engelhardt

Customer service is Top-notch!

My wife and I use VRA to perform cleaning, inspection and other minor maintenance services at our vacation rental cabin. They are top-notch. First, their cleaning is unbelievable (we have seen it first hand and have received compliments from our guests). Second, they are thorough in their services and communication, they identify things that need my attention – probably better at spotting than I am; and, they are prompt in their responses via email and phone. Third, their customer service is top notch: they treat us (their customer) with utmost respect, but even more so, they attended to the needs of our guests as if they were their own customers. We appreciate all the work they do in keeping our rental in great shape.

Robert Eicher

My property has five 5 star reviews!

Jason and Caleb are managing my vacation home and have done a fantastic job. They are very knowledgeable in helping with the house setup, short term rental permit application, and have taken care of all the incidents efficiently. Everyone I’ve been working with is very kind and good at what they do. My property has five 5 star reviews on AirBnb and almost all of them mention how helpful Jason and Caleb are and how clean the property is. This really puts my mind at ease as a somewhat remote owner. When incidents do happen, Jason has been very communicative about the issues and the solutions. Their invoices have always been very clear as well. Over all, I’ve really enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend them for vacation property management.

June Wang