Importance of effective and complete Lake Tahoe property manager

June 1, 2010

If you are a Lake Tahoe vacation homeowner, you have undoubtedly been faced with the many frustrations of dealing with service providers.  I have been there too and know the feelings and frustrations.  This brief post discusses the importance of an effective, complete, and capable Lake Tahoe property manager.  In addition, I will provide a few suggestions on how to find such.

Having a Lake Tahoe property manager that is comprehensive in their services and rental program is a first and important step when selecting a manager.  Having the luxury of being billed by only one service, and only having to schedule with one company makes your life a lot easier.  However, having a diversified and multi-tasking company can create room for error – being spread too thin, reliant upon too many people for a smooth operation, and can require a high calber of person to  manage such an operation for not only your home, but the 10’s or 100’s of homes they manage!

When looking for a property manager in Lake Tahoe keep these things in mind.  You want them to make your life as easy as possible, afterall that is what they are there for, but you want them to remain effective, organized, and capable of producing the results.  Results are the most important thing in this industry.  Results give you peace of mind, ensure your guests and home are taken care of, further escalating your success in the business of renting your home.  A broken system produces nothing but broken results.

This dynamic of needing a Lake Tahoe property manager capable of multi tasking, yet not becoming ineffective is something to always consider when interviewing prospective companies and agents.  On that note, when you go to a meeting or invite a manager into your Lake Tahoe property to discuss services, one of the most important things to do is read the person you are talking to – get a feel for them.  Although a well devloped business system, fancy website, nice business card and a guarantee are all nice things when deciding to sign your home over – at the end of the day it all comes down to a hand shake and looking the person in the eye and gauging their authenticity and sincereity.  Moreover, you are reading their capability.  Can this person really handle this amount of responsibility?  WIll this Lake Tahoe property manager be effective in managing my home?  Will they make my life easy and truly be good at what they do?  Will they survive and stay consistent in their committment to quality?

Often times, just reading someone will tell you more than any pages and documents ever can.  Although a bit off track, I felt it was important to mention these concepts when looking for a Lake Tahoe property manager, and the importance of these different elements of such companies.  The bottom line is find one that is diversified to meet all your needs, but capable of doing such and will remain effective in producing the results you are looking for.  I know this all seems common sense, and to most it is, but for those naive to renting a home and looking into this industry for service providers, I hope it can help.

If you have any questions regarding this post and the topic, feel free to contact us at  We are always happy to help owners looking for solutions in this business.  We are also happy to discuss our Lake Tahoe vacation rental property management, cleaning, and hot tub services!

Until then, best of luck and regards!



Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Industry

November 22, 2009

From Perspective of Local Property Manager

So the economy has crashed, and we are experiencing a recession – so what is it doing to the ?  That’s a good question that many are asking so here are my thoughts as a local property manager with experience working in this immense local industry.

The recession has folk certainly watching their budget more, and cutting back their expenses and unfortunately vacation is one for the expenses that can be avoided.  This is inevitable and it is certainly having an impact on our local industry.  I have spoken with other reservation agents that are several hundred thousand dollars behind in booking fees in comparison to the year before.  But considering the down economy and the uncertainly in this economic climate, there are some things that are working for the Lake Tahoe vacation rental industry.

In fact, I recently read something that said Lake Tahoe was one of the best vacation destinations in this economy.  Why?  Well for one, Lake Tahoe is located to some major population centers.  2 hours from Sacramento, 3.6 hours from the San Francisco bay area, and only 7 hours from Los Angeles.

Many families are no longer traveling abroad, postponing trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe and beyond.  Instead, they are often driving to more local destinations in an effort to reduce costs while still ‘getting away’.  In addition, Tahoe offers both winter and summer recreations that are unique to this area.  World-class skiing, and world-class outdoor activities will always lead people here for vacation.  Moreover, vacation rental are quickly becoming a more mainstream way of traveling and lodging, creating a situation where the Lake Tahoe vacation rental industry will continue to triumph.

One factor that should be quickly addressed is that many second homeowners here in Tahoe have turned their property into a vacation rental because of the economy and a need for an additional income.  This has flooded the market with vacation rentals so it is as important as ever to be working with a solid team of local service providers, and do what it takes to give your property the edge it needs to rent well.  That is a topic of discussion for another post.

As a local manager, I expect this winter to be great.  Reservations are pouring in, and the forecasts for the winter are strong, expecting above average snowfall.  This weather prediction, coupled with Tahoe convenient location, and the steadily growing number of vacation rentals are promising factors that this will be a great season here in Lake Tahoe.


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How to find a good property manager

November 6, 2009

Although it can be hard to find – there are honorable and reliable property managers out there, and we will give you a few tips to help you find one!

As many second homeowner knows, trying to find a trustworthy and reputable management company is like pulling teeth.  It seems like property managers have the same reputation as a poor used car salesman – because the truth is, there are many neglectful, dishonest property managers out there that take advantage of their situation.

Nonetheless, what are your options!?  Even with the the dawn of a new era in vacation renting with companies like VRBO and Home Away that allow owners to market and advertise their homes themselves – they are still faced with having to find someone they can trust as a local resource!

Although it may be a duanting task, we are here to tell you it is not impossible to find a management company with integrity, and better yet, that they are out there!!

Here are a couple tips for homeowners when they go looking for a local management company:

  • Look for some reviews! Use sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle, and Google to read reviews about the company.
  • Beware of getting referrals from random Real Estate agents and offices as many of them are contracted with rental agencies, etc.
  • What is the company’s business model?  Are they spending most their energy marketing to guests, or taking care of their owners?
  • What is the size of the company?  How many homes do they manage.  Many companies will brag about how great they are having hundreds of homes, and although this can be a testament of their success, it can also be a sign of their inability to give you the focus and attention you are looking for.  Don’t be afraid of working with a newer and smaller company!

You can find peace of mind

If you can sift through the companies, there is always someone there offering the service you need that has some integrity; you just need to be patient.  When it comes to having someone look after your home, don’t rush!  Just know that there are companies out there, that will earn your respect, will satisfy your requirements and leave you resting well at night that your new cash flowing asset in Lake Tahoe is being looked after properly!